Story of the group

How it all began


  • 2010–2013


    Early compositions and acoustic performances
  • 2014


    Search of musicians for band
  • 2015


    Rehearsals and preparation for debut show in Trombone club, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
  • 2016

    New frontiers

    Active creativity, line-up changes and debut on “Wings of Sakhalin, 2016” festival
  • 2017


    Обновление аранжировок, новые фестивали
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It all began in March of 2010, when I was listening MONO, Catacombe, God Is an Astronaut and EXXASENS very often and at some point I started to feel that I want to compose and play something similar in the mood in atmosphere, but without stealing ideas of these bands.

The title “Dissolution” came up to my mind during Crude Oil spill response course. This term was very straight, capacious, for me it describes state of going deeper in music, mood and tones.

During 2010-2013 I was improving my playing skills, experimenting with sets of pedals and pickups. Two tracks – “Morning” and “Down” were composed, but I was still failing to find some guys, who could share my vision and bring their own ideas to these compositions. Anyway, I felt strong support from my close friends and, eventually, I decided to play “Morning” and “Down” live, alone on stage. It happened in May, 2013 on “Reanimation” Gothic Party, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and after that in November, 2013, during gothic “Halloween”. I remember, how risky for me it was, because I was alone on stage and intentionally decided not to use any PC samples - only guitar, tube amp and loops were used, so called semi-acoustic performance. I was very pleased by positive reaction of my friends and other listeners, many of them asked me about arranging full line-up and at this point “home-alone-project” went to the next, more exciting period with new faces and horizons…


In march of 2014 Vladimir met Roman Fomchenkov and they started to rehearse material for upcoming Gothic Party “Terrifying Tales”. After successful show they decided to go on and play on regular basis. In June Valery Rebrov joined the band as bass guitar player. They started to play and compose new compositions, but after some time Vladimir and Roman wanted to try someone else on bass. So Victor Rudov was asked to join [Dissolution, The] and brought much more passion and stability to the band, as time has shown. During this year two additional compositions were born – “Departure” and “Fukushima”, which is dedicated to the tragedy in Japan, 2011.


In 2015 rehearsals were paused due to the issues with base and hand’s trauma of Vladimir Yakovlev. Nevertheless, due to the friendly atmosphere inside the band and strong motivation of all members, guys decided, that time for debut show in full line-up has come. During the spring Vladimir finished to compose another composition - “Aftershocks”, dedicated to those, who died and survived after earthquake in Neftegorsk, 28th of May 1995. As soon as guitar parts were finalized, guys spent the summer and autumn to prepare for the debut performance. 10th of October they played first time as “three members band’ in Trombone club, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. All compositions were played in chronological sequence of appearance:

  1. Morning (2010)
  2. Down (2012)
  3. Departure (2014)
  4. Fukushima (2014)
  5. Aftershocks (2015)

In November the band decided to make a photo session in order to memorize first success after debut. Maria “Mara” Gavrilenko and guys spent one windy and cold November day outdoors and were satisfied by this collaboration. After this event Maria became official photographer of [Dissolution, The].


The band started new year with some changes in sound and requirements for future live shows. Guys began to work on new composition “November” and contact with other bars and their directors during the spring. As result, [Dissolution, The] played 13th of May at the stage of Trombone club and then, 16th of May in “StrekoZa” art-space, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk with new program [Three Years of Breathing] as celebration of three years of band’s life. Maria Gavrilenko did a fine work with live photos during both shows. After these events Artyom Mezin joined to line-up as second guitar player and web-developer of official site. Together they started preparation for “Wings of Sakhalin, 2016” festival.


[Dissolution, The] продолжают работать над обновлением музыкальной программы для выступлений и концентрируются на репетиционном процессе. Группа принимает участие в пятом юбилейном фестивале "Крылья Сахалина", знакомится с новыми слушателями и другими музыкальными командами Сахалинской области и Дальнего востока. Осенью [Dissolution, The] впервые играют на площадках - в баре "Райдер" вместе с дебютантами "Крыльев Сахалина" группой С.Т.О.Л., затем в баре "Ковбой" с сольной программой. Так же группа вошла в состав участников фестиваля "Творчество против наркотиков", среди которых были также Перекреstok, С.Т.О.Л., Гвоздодеры и хэдлайнеры Affect.

По завершению всех запланированных выступлений, Артем Мезин (гитара) покидает группу в связи с переездом на материк и переменами в жизни. Группа тепло расстается с ним и возвращается к составу из трех человек. Начинается работа над новой композицией "Cascades" и домашние записи гитарных партий для демо-треков.